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WASP - from USA Today Bestselling Author Fiona Quinn

They’re coming for her - he’s her only hope.

When intruders force their way into Zoe Kealoha’s home, she has only seconds to hide. She darts under her bed and holds her breath. Her job as a military research scientist never prepared her for what comes next. 

Gage Harrison is a hardened special forces operative with only one soft spot: Zoe. Her desperate screams echoing from inside her home switch his instincts from lover to guardian. What should have been a night of unadulterated fun turns into a high-octane fight for survival.

Though his efforts have thwarted an attempt to kidnap Zoe, the skills of the men sent to abduct her paint a terrifying picture: those men, like elite Marine Raider Gage himself, are trained killers.

And that means only one thing. They’re coming back. The enemy will stop at nothing to get to Zoe and the military secrets that could change everything. What Zoe’s knows is getting people killed. Is she next?
To keep America safe, to guard the love of his life, Gage is coming full throttle.

**WASP is the 1st book in the Uncommon Enemies Series: an Iniquus Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Thriller. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings, and the series does not have to be read in order.

Digging for the truth can be deadly.

Brian Ackerman, AKA Brainiack, was once a member of the Marine’s elite anti-terrorist security team. Now, he works for Iniquus, a para-military group contracted by Washington’s intelligence and security alphabets. His work is fueled by danger and adrenaline. And he loves every minute of it. At least he did up until this minute.

When two women walk into their briefing room, Brian’s heart stops. That’s Sophia, the beautiful woman who spun his world and stole his heart when they met one incredible night in New York City. He’s been looking for her ever since, putting all his high-tech capabilities to work. He’d come up with nada. Yet here she is, strolling into the FBI’s trap. 

Sophia and her partner Nadia are archaeologists, fighting to safeguard Syrian relics from being stolen and sold into private collections by ISIS. Their colleagues are being kidnapped and killed. The women’s lives are in danger, kicking Brian’s fierce protective instincts into high gear. It’s his job to keep them safe. 

But the FBI doesn’t believe all is as it seems. The Bureau thinks one of these women is committing treason, helping to sell the conflict relics, funding terror, and putting America and her allies at risk. 

Iniquus’s newest case will test Brian’s conviction, honor, and courage. Brian loves Sophia deeply, but which will win the war, his heart or his sense of duty?

**RELIC is the 2nd book in the Uncommon Enemies Series: an Iniquus Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Thriller. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings, and the series does not have to be read in order.

He’ll risk it all to keep her safe. 

Honey Honig was good at his job, infiltrating the most dangerous places on Earth, and sweet talking the bad guys into releasing their hostages. A former Delta operator, now running missions for Iniquus, he worked the long, tedious, and dangerous business of dragging victims over the thin line that separated rescue from death. If Honey could figure out the right words to say at the right time, they’d live. 

When the bad guy slipped through Honey’s fingers, Honey hunted a lead to Tanzania. That’s where he met Meg Finley.

Bad guys weren’t the only ones that Honey knew how to sweet talk. He’d found his way onto an African safari with Dr. Meg Finley, and into her bed. This wasn’t just recreation, though, Meg sparked something deep and binding in Honey’s heart. 

Out in the bush, when the group of scientists was taken hostage, Honey and Meg found themselves swept up in the crime. From the inside, could Honey and Meg save themselves? The others? It was one thing to be part of a rescue team, it was a whole other deal, to be on the wrong side of the metal bars. 

Whatever else happened, Honey swore he’d find a way to protect Meg, and get her home safe. Or he’d die trying.

Thorn has met his match

Retired Navy Seal turned Iniquus special operative Thorn Iverson is heading home from Brussels when the call comes in. A military scientist, David DuBois, needs protection

Thorn’s mission? Get him safely home.

 DuBois’s daughter has just been kidnapped, and he’s in immediate danger.

In an international game of cat and mouse, Thorn and his teammates are put to the test, both mentally and physically, as they unravel the mystery of why Juliette DuBois was snatched from the streets of France.

But he isn’t the only one searching for answers.

Three terrorist organizations are out to find her at all cost. If they succeed, Juliette faces imminent harm, torture, or even death. Only Thorn and his team can keep Juliette safe.

Juliette is fighting for her life.

She’s trying to unravel the mystery of her past, seeming only to exist in a photographic display. After her disabling accident, how could she be a threat to her captors?

While she may not have Thorn’s physical strength, her scientific brain, sparking back to life as each hour passes, is a powerful tool. And the reason she got into this mess in the first place.

USA Today Bestselling author Fiona Quinn takes you on a fast-paced action adventure, unwinding conspiracies, covert operations, and military scientific secrets.

Join the team fighting to protect America’s safety.  



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