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Read what the professional reviewers and acclaimed authors have to say about Fiona Quinn's work.

ANGEL LIMB, WCVE Community Ideas Stations PBS NPR


Quinn’s spare yet illuminating first-person storytelling is perfect. . .

DIANE CAPRI - New York Time and USA Today Bestseller


Not since Alias and Sydney Bristow has a young femme fatale been so engagingly human. Lexi is as sharp, clever, and unpredictable as she is deadly. Fast paced action never stops.

JUDITH LUCCI  - Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author


Fiona Quinn has brought this series to life in her creative,suspenseful, well-written, psychic thriller that offers an intense reading experience and a complex philosophy of life A great read, highly recommended...

ALLAN LEVERONE - New York Times, USA Today Bestselling Author


Smart, Sexy and independant, Lexi Sobado is a thriller hero you will never forget...

STEPHEN TEMPLIN, New York Times Bestselling Author (SEAL Team Six, Trident’s First Gleaming)


“Sharp as a stiletto, strikingly sexy and stunningly psychic—Lynx captivates”



Colleen Mooney - Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author


Quinn writes a gripping story [Open Secret] well suited for today's political arena ... Suspense, spies, social media and romance! ...The multi-layer plot and interesting characters bring a fast paced story you will not put down.

ALAN ORLOFF - Agatha Award Finalist 


Snappy writing, great characters, and best of all: there are more books in the series on their way! 

KATE KELLEY, USA Today Bestselling Author


Hair-raising action was nicely balanced with slower, tender moments. And the author built a community of characters around the heroine that made Lexi more real to me. Ms. Quinn didn’t miss a beat with The Weakest Lynx.


H. B. Moore - USA Today Bestselling Author 


A smart, well-written thriller.  Great writing, great suspense, great characters.

JAMIE LEE SCOTT, USA Today Bestselling Author


"Quinn's protagonist, Lexi Sobado, is unique, tenacious, and a breath of fresh air for thriller readers."

LIND SANDS, Georgia Author of the Year

A wild ride for thriller readers and with the added benefit of a strong female protag, I can't recommend it enough for readers in this genre. You will love it!



 Fiona Quinn and Lexi promise to blaze a trail across the thriller landscape with gleaming moments of storytelling,.

casi McLean.jpg

CASI MCLEAN, USA TODAY Bestselling Author


 [Full Force has] richly drawn characters who lure you into their mystery on page one, villains you love to hate, blockbuster plots, twists and turns, and edge of your seat, nail biting suspense...

Robert Katz.jpg

Robert I. Katz, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

[In Too Deep] Deep and Lacey are well rounded characters whose motivations are plausible, and they make excellent romantic leads...Engaging and suspenseful, this is a very solid book. Highly recommended.


Ed Dasso, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

[Thorn, Uncommon Enemies] I was immediately intrigued at the beginning, followed quickly by a smack in the face of action.

Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite


It's little wonder that Fiona Quinn is a USA Today best-selling author. She knows how to hook her readers and give them just enough of everything to make reading a pleasure.

joyce 2.jpg

J.A. Schneider, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

[Survival Instict] Intense adventure and romance...I couldn’t stop reading this beautiful, exciting book.


Allen Kent,  USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Quinn’s “Survival Instinct” is a 5-Star page-turner and a love story that touches the deeper connections that bind two lovers and the K-9 companions who have helped rescue their lives.

Roxx Tarantini  VINE VOICE


 [Thorn, Uncommon Enemies] I have yet to meet a Fiona Quinn book that does not keep me up all night reading to the very last word!

[T]he attention that Quinn pays every little detail of her work constantly manages to blow me away. I often find myself wondering what it must be like in the mind of such an author. How does one keep all the details straight, the research needed, the new things that need to be learned?

Quinn is a master storyteller. Espionage meets deception, meets cunning, meets romance, in a seamless tapestry you cannot help but fall into. Thorn’s story will stay with you.


[Even Odds] This is an intense novel which combines edge-of-your-seat suspense with spies and social media. Just a thrilling read for me which did not disappoint for one page...not even one.


"Fast moving story with a bunch of characters who really deserve their own story. I was going to read a couple of chapters to get a feel for the book but it drew me right in I ended up doing nothing else today (except finish this book and get the next). Highly recommended. If the story line continues she'll hit my "auto buy" list.



 Mind blowing good!



The story [Gulf Lynx] was jam-packed with twists and turns, information and mindblowing scenes the descriptive writing brought it all together for me and linked everything to the brilliant ending.

I honestly can't recommend this book enough Fiona Quinn is an amazing author.




"...this book kept me on the edge of my seat, turning the pages and gasping with each new turn in the story... The characters were rich in detail and thoughts and I could picture their lives and feel their emotions. The steamy was well balanced with the action and mystery.

DARCIA HELLE, VINE VOICE  Top 50 Amazon Reviewer


I felt like I was there in the midst of the action, breathing their air and feeling their emotions.



 [If You See Kay Series] If you love entertaining and fast paced mysteries, then I highly recommend this book to you!

Serenity,  Amazon HALL of FAME Top 10 Reviewer


[Survival Instinct] An entire gamut of human emotions fill these pages...from loss, to life and love. And, happiness and grief are also featured. Amazing compilation of events make this an excellent read...



I rarely give a book 5 stars, but Open Secret by Fiona Quinn definitely deserved all of them. Fiona Quinn wrote a mind grabbing mystery that kept me reading from the first page to the last. The concept is both interesting and relevant in today’s political world.

 Roxx Tarantini  VINE VOICE


  I felt a bit bereft when [Survival Instinct] was over. I wasn’t quite ready to let go.



A most interesting premise to this story that evolves from the very first page. It is a engaging and captivating read filled with emotion and energy. The characters are well defined, the action is non-stop... Most highly recommended.

Rebecca J. Claxon,  VINE VOICE

[In Too Deep] is my first book by this author, but it won’t be my last. I love books with suspense, action, mystery and romance. This book had it all.



If you like a book with big action, you are going to love Weakest Lynx, a fast-paced ride through a suspenseful story.




"...exciting and thrilling and will leave you wanting more..."

Sleepless in San Diego,  VINE VOICE

[Even Odds]  Complex but compelling book.. I will be reading much more of Fiona Quinn's writing, and look forward to the backstories of some memorable characters!


[Weakest Lynx] "An engaging and captivating read filled with emotion and energy. "

Margaret Stevens,  VINE VOICE

[Weakest Lynx] Prepare for some serious suspense 

We are invited into all that Lexi experiences. I feel like I have lived through everything.

Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers Amazon TOP 1000 REVIEWER

"This is a fast paced story, full of excitement and suspense that kept my heart racing cover to cover. With her talented writing style, she had me fully invested... from the get go.  HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended.

Tony Parsons  Amazon TOP 1000 REVIEWER


[Chain Lynx] could also make another great operative thriller movie, or better yet a mini TV series. There is no doubt in my mind this is an amazingly easy rating of 5 stars.

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