The Kate Hamilton Mystery Series

Not safe at home in Boston, Kate Hamilton seeks refuge in the small Virginia town where she was born and raised. Scarborough is no longer the bucolic village that she remembered. Pleasantries are only skin deep as big city issues and the politics of the world roil just under the surface. A string of untimely deaths has the whole town grieving. Only Kate thinks something nefarious is afoot. Can she convince the local police that coincidences like these are only found in fiction? Kate is determined to solve the puzzle and save lives, especially her own.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Science teacher Kate Hamilton is hiding out in the small Virginia town where she was born and raised. Her marriage is in tatters. Her future uncertain.


Kate begins the new semester at Boonestown High teaching their new STEM CSI classes


An object collected as “evidence” during a class project serves as a distraction for Kate. It's an expensive accessory for a town where their only manufacturing plant has been shuttered.


Good deeds can be deadly.

Join Kate as she tries to stay one step ahead of the killer in this small town cozy mystery


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Summer 2019