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Sometimes trust can get you killed.

Deep Del Toro, an Iniquus Special Operative on the Strike Force Team, listened to the radio as the announcer gave details of Lacey Stuarts upcoming press-conference.  He had watched video of her fighting off the FBI agent and escaping from a murder scene the night before, and now she was turning herself over to the police. What Deep’s practiced eye saw in the video was a highly-choreographed crime. But somehow Lacey had thwarted the professionals’ plans. She was in imminent danger.

When Deep saves Lacey from a sniper’s bullet at the press conference, he becomes enmeshed in a mystery that includes the FBI, the CIA, and a tangle of interconnected international crimes. 

Deep and Lacey work as a team to discover who plays the good guy and who plays the bad guy in a gray world where right and wrong easily overlap.

USA TODAY Bestselling book

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The prayer on her lips is JACK Be Quick. 

It’s been months since ex-Navy SEAL Jack McCullen last saw his fiancée, Suz Molloy. He was on the other side of the world involved in a grueling black ops mission for Iniquus Corporation at the behest of the US government. Mission fail meant a special flight home, and an ambulance ride to the hospital where Suz should have been waiting for him.

Devastated by Jack’s last death-defying act of heroism, life quickly takes a turn for the worse for Suz. Terrorists attack the school where Suz teaches first-grade. Suz saves her students’ lives, but her own moment of heroism leads the terrorists to believe she is a CIA operative. Suz is taken hostage.

When Jack rouses from his surgery to find Suz missing, he knows something is very wrong. Led by the psychic “knowings” of his Iniquus colleague, Lynx, Jack risks everything as he desperately tries to reach Suz in time to thwart the terrorists’ plot and save her. 

This time, his mission is for more than love of country; it’s for the love of his life - his heart and soul.

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In a life or death game, all bets are off!

Christen Davidson, a helicopter pilot for the Army, just had her day go from horrific to something far worse. Fellow operatives are in danger. Christen is desperate to fly a rescue mission. Instead, she’s ordered to act as an asset in a high-stakes, international game. She didn’t join the military to play dress-up, but she can’t disobey, even though this assignment is far outside of her comfort zone. 

Gator Aid Rochambeau, a retired Marine Raider, is an Iniquus elite operative who volunteers to act as security on the Davidson mission. Yet, as the job gets underway, he is unprepared for the psychic confusion that swirls through his system. New to his psychic experiences, he reaches out to fellow Strike Force member, Lynx, for understanding, only to discover she too is battling a strange vortex of information and sensation. The one thing they both understand is that lives are on the line.

For this mission, there is no place to run and nowhere to hide from the men who have their eye on a billion-dollar deal, and the only ones standing in their way is this improbable team. The gamble they’re making could mean life or death, but the reward could be so much more!

Once again, USA Today Bestselling romantic suspense author Fiona Quinn brings you the unexpected story of spies, murder, and mystery playing out on a world stage. INSTIGATOR is the third book of the Strike Force Series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel. 

USA TODAY Bestselling book

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Everything was going according to plan…until it fell apart in the most spectacular way…

Ex-SEAL Ryan “Reaper” Hamilton is well on his way to having it all. His marriage to Kate is finally on solid ground, and his goal of being a K9 trainer with Iniquus’s Cerberus team is within reach. Finding a dangerous spy’s flash drive (and becoming the object of her twisted, vengeful obsession) was not on his agenda. But that’s all it takes to throw his world into chaos.

It’s not long before Reaper finds himself fighting for everything he holds dear—his wife, his son, his career…his sanity.

When all is said and done, will Reaper and Kate get the happily ever after they deserve? Or will they learn that the good guys don’t always win?

Fear the REAPER is a tactical K9 action adventure that can be read as a stand alone, as part of the Strike Force series, or as part of the World of Iniquus.

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They’ll have to strike fast and hard if they want their happily ever after…

Lexi “Lynx” Sobado would love to marry Striker Rheas. First, though, she’ll have to track down her husband. The US military told Lynx she was a widow. She grieved, agonized, and healed with Striker’s love. Then she discovered her husband had turned black ops, alive and well. To move on with her life, Lynx must hand him the divorce papers and get his signature before he gets lost in another CIA operation. Lynx has a plan.

Striker already waited a lifetime for Lynx. They are so close to their happily ever after. But when a terrorist cell kidnaps an asset from Striker’s SEAL days, Striker knows he can’t rest until the man and his family are safe.

Striker makes the call – A brother’s life is on the line; Lynx, will you help?

Lynx doesn’t hesitate for a second; she’s on the way.

Can Lynx and Striker complete the mission and finally find their way to the altar? Not if the terrorists—and Lynx’s not-so-dead husband —have anything to say about it.

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