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Her choice is arranged marriage…or death…

Kira al-Attiyah's hope for a bright future in the U.S. died along with her father. Now, royal family tradition demands she marry. Refusing? Not an option. Especially since honor killing isn’t just urban legend. She knew what she had to do. She just never expected her intended to be a terrorist…

Delta Force operator Ty Newcomb’s mission was clear. He needed to make Kira fall for him, then secure an invite to meet her fiancé. From there, taking down the man who has been on the CIA high-value target list for over a decade would be easy. The hard part would be not developing real feelings for his beautiful target.

With lives—and love—on the line, can Ty find a way to get the bad guy and keep the girl? Or will the price of completing the mission be his happily ever after with Kira?

Danger Signs is the first novel of Quinn's newest series, Delta Force Echo, part of the World of Iniquus. Grab your copy of this military romance, women's action-adventure, multi-cultural, international, psychological thriller, and let's go!


She’s supposed to report the news, not become it…


War correspondent Remi Taleb needs to get to Beirut. Fellow journalists who were kidnapped by terrorists have a story to tell, and she will report on it. So, if that means hitching a ride with a Senator who may or may not be a danger to herself (and everyone else), so be it. But when everything goes wrong along the way, Remi will need to stay sharp just to survive and not become part of the story….which would be a lot easier if she wasn’t distracted by the handsome head of the Senator’s security team.


T-Rex Landry, leader of Delta Force Echo,  goes where he’s needed—and if the Senator needs him, he will complete the mission. He always does. Getting involved with the sexy reporter shadowing his client was not part of the plan. But nothing else went to plan since they met. So, why should he expect to maintain professional distance from the only woman he’s been attracted to since losing his wife?     


Their road to happily ever after is rocky, messy…and potentially deadly. Can their shot at love survive the Danger Zone?


Too close for comfort…

Alone in the wilds of mountainous Asia, Jett undertakes an undercover military operation. With threats all around her, alone is the last thing she should be. So, when help arrives, she’s ready to get off the cliff’s edge and back to civilization.

But when her teammate’s K9 partner shows up carrying a plea for help, nothing will stop Jett from racing to the rescue. Not even a sexy Delta Force operator on a mission…

Havoc’s mission – find Jett. Saving the rest of her team, not his orders. Surprised by Jett’s refusal to leave the field, Havoc has a decision to make: Save the girl or save the team? There’s something about Jett that makes him willing to do the one thing he’s never done before, veer from his objective.

With stakes even higher than they imagined, the danger isn’t just close—it surrounds them. Surviving long enough to make it to their happily ever after won’t be easy. No matter the risk, are Jett and Havoc prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed?

Danger Close is a strangers-to-lovers military action-adventure romance.

Ready? Grab your copy, and LET'S GO!

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