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Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Iniquus Chronological Order

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Iniquus Teams

Under Construction

K9 - Hairyman
Search and Rescue Logistics
ex-Air Force Special Warfare Tactical Air Control Party (TACP).
Tristan Kelly
Call Sign - Ryder
K9 - Voodoo
Operations Tactical support
Australian Commando
Ryan Hamilton
Call sign - Reaper 
K9 - Houston
Strike Force Support/Cerberus Trainer
Caleb Rivers
Call sign - Ridge
K9 - Zeus
Tactical Search and Rescue Leader
ex-Delta Force
K9 - Valor
Specializing in Tactical Search and Rescue, Team Second in Command
K9 - Evo (Eve)
Chief of Tactical Operations Center
ex-Marine Raider

Iniquus Couples

Striker & Lexi

Deep and Lacey

Jack & Suz

Christen & Gator


Zoe & Gage

Sophia & Brian

Honey & Meg

Juliette & Thorn

Kate, Reaper, & Little Guy


Avery & Rowan

Steve & Anna

Raine & Damian

Trip & Dani


Iniquus K9 & Doggo Friends

Beetle & Bella


Rest in Peace


Lynx's Pups

First introduced in Weakest Lynx. If Lynx is in the book, you're sure to at least get a chance to pet Beetle and Bella.

Beetle and Bella were given to Lynx by her mentor Spyder McGraw. They trained and lived with the Millers until Lynx moved to her home on Silver Lake.

Handler: (Ty) Tyler Newcomb

Job: Delta Force Tactical K9

Breed: Malinois

Handler: Major Dani Addams

Job: Pet. Nurse supporting sick and injured Military K9

Breed: mutt/rescue


(Lil Mama)

Handler: Tripwire

Job: Cerberus Tactical K9, Search and Rescue Team

Breed: German Shepherd


(Sloberus Maximus)

Handler: Noah

Job: Stability Service K9

Breed: Newfoundland



Handler: Bob

Job: Cerberus Tactical K9,

        Close Protection and Search and Rescue Teams

Breed: German shepherd



Handler: Ridge

Job: Cerberus Tactical K9,

       Close Protection and Search and Rescue Teams

Breed: Long-haired German shepherd

Hairy Paw-ter

Handler: Ryder 

Job: Rescue pet...

and apparently close protection/Instagram star?