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Welcome to Iniquus Security where ex-special forces live, work, and love in a world of action adventure. You’ll meet a cast of characters who will stay with you for life, as they move from one adventure to the next.


Each book is part of a larger series. All of them intertwine. The deeper you get, the more you’ll fall in love with these stories, brimming with thrills, suspense, and action. With just the right mix of romance, and psychic twists, you'll keep turning the pages to see what happens next.

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Iniquus Calendar Order

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Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five


Iniquus Chronological Order

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Iniquus Teams

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Call sign - Noah
K9 - Hairyman
Search and Rescue Logistics
ex-Air Force Special Warfare Tactical Air Control Party (TACP).
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Team Alpha

Tristan Kelly
Call Sign - Ryder
K9 - Voodoo
Operations Tactical Support
Australian Commando
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Terry Butler
Call sign - Didit
K9 - Moose
Tactical Search and Rescue, Tactical Support, Close Protection
Marshall Palindrome
Call sign - Bob
K9 - Evo (Eve)
Chief of Tactical Operations Center
ex-Marine Raider
Ryan Hamilton
Call sign - Reaper 
K9 - Houston
Strike Force Support/Cerberus Trainer
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Caleb Hansen
Call sign - Ridge
K9 - Zeus
Tactical Search and Rescue Leader
ex-Delta Force
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Harrison Augustus Williams III
Call sign - Tripwire
K9 - Valor
Tactical Search and Rescue, Team Second in command
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