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Even with an ex-SEAL racing to her side, survival isn’t guaranteed. 

On leave from the battlefields of Afghanistan, Major Dani Addams, finds herself in the fight of her life. She leaves few clues about the dangers she’s in. Now, everything depends on a stranger and his dog.

Tripwire’s mission: Find her.

A member of Iniquus Security’s elite tactical K9 search and rescue team, Trip and his K9 Valor are on cliff’s edge as an unprecedented storm advances.

When they get to Dani, Valor’s behavior is inexplicable. What about this woman is throwing Valor off her training? Trip always trusts his dog—something about this situation isn’t what it seems.

With his life and his heart on the line, Trip risks it all to protect her. Will it be enough?           


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She’s running for her life…
…His mission: protect her.

Ex-Delta Force Operator Ridge Hansen has a thing for artist Harper Katz.
So does his tactical K9, Zeus…
…But Harper is on the run.

Someone is aiming to kill her.

Ridge wants two things…
Convince Harper to move their relationship from friends to lovers,
And find out who she really is.

As a member of Iniquus Security’s elite tactical K9 team, Ridge willingly brings his skill, his heart, and his brawn to face any enemy.

But if Harper doesn’t learn to trust him, he can’t keep her alive.



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It’ll take more than his battle-hardened instincts to defend her…

CIA linguist Sabrin Harris’s plans for a relaxing vacation went up in smoke when twenty-six hostages disappeared just north of her grandmother’s house in Slovakia. Now, she’s been called into action. Her mission is fairly simple. Not allowing herself to be distracted by the hot-as-sin ex-Australian Commando who’s sent in to help and defend her will be infinitely more difficult.

Iniquus Security operative Ryder Kelly remembers Sabrin as the beautiful woman his dog picked out of the crowd at a tactical K9 competition. When they’re assigned to work together, Ryder soon realizes he could fall for her just as easily as his dog Voodoo did. So, all he has to do now is keep Sabrin alive long enough to get to their happily ever after. Easy, right?

Their timing is all wrong. Romance was never part of the plan. But with enemies closing in, the fragile bond Sabrin and Ryder have formed might be all that allows them to save the day—and each other.

Defender's Instinct is an intense, strangers-to-lovers, action adventure military romantic suspense filled with spies, conspiracies, and international terror. Grab your copy, and let's go!