In Memoriam

Little Bear, Service Dog Extraordinaire



For eleven years, Little Bear not only sat beside Fiona while she wrote her books, Little Bear alerted to her daughter’s blood glucose numbers.


With type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that stops the pancreas from working, Fiona’s youngest child was considered “brittle,” which meant that her blood sugar was extremely difficult to manage.  Her daughter had frequent seizures from quick swings in her blood sugar. This put her daughter into a coma where Fiona was told to prepare herself because her daughter wasn’t likely to survive.

Following that hospital stay, Little Bear came into their lives.

Little Bear was such a great alert dog that during his service, Fiona’s daughter remained seizure and hospital free.

His death leaves a hole in their lives.


Every time Fiona writes a hero dog, it's in honour and gratitude of her precious Little Bear.

Iniquus K9 & Doggo Friends

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Handler - Bear

Job - Cerberus Tactical K9, Team Bravo.

        Search and Rescue, Urban mass disaster                survivor search

Breed - British Labrador

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