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Resistance by Fiona Quinn Books

A USA TODAY Best Selling Novel

In a world filled with turmoil, a spark of hope burns bright. 

I am Ember Mc Graw, a student at the university, an Elemental Witch with an affinity for Fire, and a fighter in the Resistance.

My mother used to tell me that I had the ability to warm and nurture, or rage like an inferno, and she is right on both counts. When I was still very young, she sent me to the Isle of Haven to harness that heat and train in witchcraft. 

Now, I’ve returned to the Range to put my skills to use in the fight against an oppressive Elite caste, trying to destroy us Witches.


Survival of the Witches means the survival of humanity. Each Witch burned in the balefires is one less Witch working to placate a wrathful Father Sky and Mother Earth.

My mission, in this moment, is to rescue Dr. Brighton and his formula. During his rescue, I trip, quite literally, across a bigger task. A stranger mystery. It is Athena herself who sends an owl to tell me to “save her.” Now, I have to figure out who that “her” is and why she needs saving.

As I follow the path laid out by the Fates, I fight fire with Fire.  It is my destiny to be part of the Resistance. Until there is peace, our battle will blaze on.

Click to download Resistance and ignite the magic!

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