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An Iniquus Celebration of Striker and Lexi's Marriage

For the fans of the World of Iniquus, a cookbook filled with recipes and letters reflective of the novels' themes, all presented to feed your imagination.
Dear Friends and Family,
When Lexi and Striker sent out their wedding invitations, they clearly said that they looked forward to our presence at the ceremony, but please, no presents. We wanted to honor their wishes, and yet…
Wedding gifts are a traditional way for a community to support a newlywed couple.
So we got together to create a cookbook filled with our recipes and stories.
And since “family” is so vital to Striker and Lexi, we called it: A Family of the Heart Cookbook!
The idea stemmed from Lexi’s wanting to create a cookbook memoir about her time learning from her beloved Kitchen Grandmothers. We tried to do something in that vein. This gift is not just for the new couple but for everyone who loves them.
We hope you enjoy.

Bon appétit!

A Family of the Heart Cookbook

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