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New release! Fear the REAPER

Cheers all!

So many of my readers have asked about what happens next to Kate and Ryan, and of course, the Hamilton's precious new baby, Zack.

In my novel Fear the REAPER, which can be read as a stand-alone, as part of the Strike Force series, or as part of the Iniquus world as a continuation of the Hamilton family's story, we get to see how their life is unfolding.

In Fear the REAPER, I wanted to explore the shadow side a bit. Typically in my novels, the perspective of the hero and heroine are shown. This novel is no different in that we have chapters from Ryan's (Reaper's) point of view as well as Kate's. We also get to explore the point of view of the antagonist. What are her motivations? Her goals? Why in the world has she latched on to the Hamiltons and what will come of her obsession?

It was an interesting puzzle for me to put together this plot. My research carried me to various topics, some of which felt frightening to me. By contrast, other topics, such as the working K9s and their amazing abilities were totally fun. I learned some very cool things from the handlers with whom I interacted. I also had a wonderful time on the phone with a trucker. He was pretty concerned when I started asking my truck questions. Yeah, they weren't the kinds of questions someone might normally have. But after he understood the plot and what I was trying to accomplish with the scene, he was extremely helpful. One of the great joys of my career as an author is meeting new people and learning new things. I love the research phase of writing. Then, I enjoy the challenge of translating the information into a plot. So much fun.

As a reader who got an advanced copy of this novel said, "This was exciting. People are going to love to hate one of your characters." I hope that's true, and that you all enjoy this story of strength, determination, right actions, love, and hope.

Until next time!


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Orlinda Mc Carter
Orlinda Mc Carter
Mar 25, 2022

What is the name of the book that Ryan (Reaper) & Kate was I first before fear the Reaper

Fiona Quinn
Fiona Quinn
Mar 26, 2022
Replying to

The Kate Hamilton Mysteries: Mine, Yours, Ours are the backstory to Reaper Hamilton's joining Iniquus.

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