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The third in the Cerberus K9 series, this action adventure will take you to the mountains of Slovakia where a CIA linguist Sabrin Harris is helping to find twenty-six hostages. Her brilliant mind, Ryder's war-hardened body, and Voodoo's amazing K9 abilities will all be needed to get the researchers back to safety.

I had a wonderful time researching this book. I pulled from my time when I was in Czechoslovakia studying art history (before the velvet divorce when the two countries separated) The food! The architecture. The music. The traditions. I loved them all and had planned on spending time on the Danube this last summer, but the best laid plans... I had to visit in my imagination with Defender's Instinct. And too, this is the book where I got to use my research trip to the Arctic last December as fodder.

Meet CIA linguist Sabrin Harris

She was raised by a mother who did field work in the united States for a non-profit, helping families who were seeking asylum to learn English and assimilate. Mrs. Harris brought her young daughter along to play with the other children. Very quickly Sabrin assimilated a plethora of languages.

It serves the mission well.

She just has to unravel the linguistic puzzle to find the hostages before it's too late.

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