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Celebrating the newest Iniquus Security book.

This book was very interesting to research. I spent a lot of time reading biographies and watching documentaries on war journalism.

The thing that I was most struck by was their sheer audacity. The amazing courage of these professionals.

Unlike soldiers or contractors, unlike relief workers and charitable organizations, these are people who go right into the battle, right into the spaces that are being bombed and shot up. Their protection? "PRESS" written on their vests and equipment.

According to world treaties, being press, like being clergy or being Red Cross or other medic, are people who should not be shot, harmed, or abducted. They carry no weapons other than their pen and camera. Sadly, this is often not the case.

I hope I captured the bravery of the professionals who bring us the stories from around the world. From what I studied the common theme: It's a terrifying job, they see the worst of the worst and document it. It impacts their mental and physical health. And yet, they feel the fear and know the consequences and do the job anyway.

In this novel we have the deteriorating mental health of Senator Blankenship as the backdrop of all the things that are going so wrong on this FUBAR mission that was supposed to be a gentle feel-good story about two refugee girls' robotics teams.

One of my inspirations for this novel came from the Afghan girls' team that performed so beautifully in the world competition. With all of the upheaval in this region, I was so worried about these girls. My understanding from reports out of the region, is that the team escaped and are in Qatar. Qatar (as you read in DANGER SIGNS) is very pro women's education.

May these girls study and prosper in their new home.

I hope you enjoy DANGER ZONE!

Please let me know what you think.

Kind words left in a review help other readers find and enjoy my work, and I really appreciate it!

Happy reading,


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