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Danger Close is now available in eBook form and will soon be in paperback as well.

I had a wonderful time writing this adventure.

Because of travel restrictions, I am still stuck, for the most part, in my Virginia home with little traveling for research. Writing this novel, I leaned heavily on my memories for this book.

Back in the time when the USSR was intact, I traveled throughout the region. I learned about their efforts to bring equality to the genders. I found it so interesting to see how ancient norms met modern times. Traveling and studying throughout Europe and Asia I discovered that tradition trumps religion which trumps law, and I tried to demonstrate this is Danger Close. For good and for bad, as in all countries and all political structures, shifting norms have unforeseen outcomes when implemented.

Beyond travel and personal experience, I also leaned on stories I've heard from friends.

As a college student, my roommate in Italy was a woman who grew up under the communist system in Hungary. Her father was head of the local party. She escaped in the eighties, seeking political asylum in the United States. Her efforts to gain asylum are fascinating, such courage! She had many stories she shared. And you will find references to her experiences in some of my novels like this one and WASP (which just came out in audio).

Now that the USSR has broken into individual countries again, I gained perspective about the changes and implications from my two friends (both named Anna) from Moldova. These women made their way to Virginia not knowing each other, but the two Annas grew up only fifteen minutes apart in Moldova. I was able to introduce them. Talk about the six-degrees game!

I hope you enjoy getting to know Jett and Havoc. They come from backgrounds that are night and day. But the things they share - their inner drive - matches up beautifully.



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