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Mud Pies and Writing

As most of you know, I enjoy figuring out the scenes in person when I can.

If you've read Hero's Instinct, you'll know where this particular "try-it" came into play.

Some things I learned on that slope:

Clay is extremely slippery.

And in the case of not only this video but most times I’ve encountered clay, there were no toe holds, or hand holds.

My teammates (you can see behind me) took a few tries to get up. I was clinging to the tiniest baby weeds, trying for anything that would keep me from sliding back down.

You can hear in this film people growling - including me. The growling was actually very helpful. It worked a little like a martial arts k'ihap. It kept the power focused.

This exercise was mainly about balance, weight distribution, and upper arm/back strength.

If a bad guy were close on my heels, this would be a very dangerous time. I would try to find a bank with a friendlier exit, rocks or vegetation with roots strong enough to help me, especially if it provided cover - but sometimes beggars can't be choosers, and the character will have to make it up the slippery slope.

Something else I've discovered: Clay is permanent. I've never found a way to get my clothes clean after being exposed to ground in clay.

So in the Hero's Instinct's scene, I had to make sure I didn't have my characters doing impossible things. I mean if they were to be able to thwart physics, I'd be writing sci-fi.

I hope you enjoy the story!

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