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Last year on this day, I was FREEZING!

Last November into December, I spent two weeks traveling to the Arctic Circle. What a BLAST... of cold air. LOL

It is a tradition, or so we were told, that when you cross into the Arctic Circle, they pour ice water down your back.

It was, admittedly, a freezing cold day. That ice water went down my back, into my pants, down my leg, and filled my boot. I feel like I got the most out of that experience ;) LOL

(Fair warning, I screamed.)

While I was in Norway, I got to hang out with the K9 and take a sled to the farthest possible edge of land. I promised some young folks back at home I'd hand deliver their Santa letters in person. This was how you get to the ends of the earth on dog sled. One of the most amazingly wonderful experiences!

I used my time in Norway to do research for my novel DEFENDER's INSTINCT, publishing December 10th. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing Sabrin, Ryder, and K9 Voodoo's story.



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