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Danger Signs - Book One of Delta Force Echo

In Danger signs, I drew from my background in psychology to manipulate the characters who were already under extreme pressures.

I really enjoyed my research for this book, learning about Qatar from a variety of sources, including friends in the Middle East. I traveled in the region many years ago. I learned so much getting to know the women, learning the customs, the FOOD! (I travel to eat, LOL) When I was there, I went on a camel safari into the desert. My camel's name was (improbably) McKenzie. McKenzie didn't like my commands, but if I hissed just right...

If you're a Regency fan, Kira holds a Ph.D. in humanities. Her passion is finding and preserving works from times and places where women's voices through novels were unusual. Her master's thesis was on Jane Austen.

If you love spies and operations - well, here's a psyops--psychological operation--for the books! ;)

Meet Kira

Her choice is arranged marriage…or death… Kira al-Attiyah's hope for a bright future in the U.S. died along with her father. Now, royal family tradition demands she marry. Refusing? Not an option. Especially since honor killing isn’t just urban legend. She knew what she had to do. She just never expected her intended to be a terrorist…

... and Ty You first met Delta Force operator Ty Newcomb in InstiGATOR and Even Odds. His newest mission was clear. He needed to make Kira fall for him, then secure an invite to meet her fiancé. From there, taking down the man who has been on the CIA high-value target list for over a decade would be easy.

The hard part would be not developing real feelings for his beautiful target.

With lives—and love—on the line, can Ty find a way to get the bad guy and keep the girl? Or will the price of completing the mission be his happily ever after with Kira?

P.S. Rory in action! You learned about Rory's backstory in Survival Instinct. Now, we get to see how Rory's instincts help Kira make her decisions about whom to trust. Find out how Rory helped bring Ty and Kira together. He is a very good boy.

Danger Signs is the first novel of Quinn's newest series, Delta Force Echo, part of the World of Iniquus.

Grab your copy of this military romance, women's action-adventure, multi-cultural, international, psychological thriller, and let's go!

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