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They weren’t looking for love. But fate—and a dog named Beowolf—had other plans…

Retired military pilot Thaddeus (Nutsbe) Crushed deserves peace and quiet. If his work in tactical operations for Iniquus’s Panther Force hadn’t earned him that right, the fact that he lost his legs in the service of his country should’ve. But peace and quiet went out the window when someone threatened his beautiful new neighbor. Now, she’s his to protect…and maybe love…

Olivia Gladstone has no idea who’s after her. Maybe it’s her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Or it could be the terrorist she’s taking to the grand jury. All she knows for sure is that she’s in danger. And since the slobbery support mastiff in her care probably can’t protect her, she’ll need some professional help. Good thing her neighbor seems more than up to the challenge…

Olivia and Nutsbe weren’t expecting a happily ever after, but they just might find one. Assuming they can solve the mystery of which brutal enemy (hers or his) wants to destroy them…

Hide and Seek

AI  STATEMENT:  Fiona Quinn relies on her imagination and experiences to write her stories. She pays for professional services by humans who use their education and unique creativity to help her bring quality works to this platform, including editors, artists, and audio narrators.


Fiona Quinn uses AI as part of her word processing software (spellcheck, for example) and does NOT use AI to create her stories.

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