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"Quinn is dedicated to delivering quality fiction with just enough of the real world that it makes you think it could very well be happening.  Timely and topical, her plotlines seem to burst from the day's headlines and leave you holding your breath till the next shoe drops."     ~ VINE VOICE

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From Amazon Reviewer "Fully Retired." 

5 stars Excellent Wrap-Up to a Series

This is the last book in Fiona Quinn's "Lynx" series. She has created a world of thrills, chills, spills, and love. The seven book story arc was well-done, introducing secondary characters who would go on to have their own stories told in other books of Quinn's. These books and characters all formed the "World of Iniquus." Every field operator within Iniquus is former military Special Forces. There are a lot of authors who write the same story type, but Quinn is one of the best at it--she has a little added twist that keeps it from being run-of-the-mill military romance.

Marriage Lynx gets us to the day when Striker and Lexi *finally* tie the knot. It's been a long, painful, process for them both to reach this point. Black ops (classified, sorry), scheming, power-grabbing politicians (no surprise there), bad guys, *really* bad guys, and plain old evil folks. But, we also have the good guys. Book 1 (Weakest Lynx) starts the storyline and continues the journey through Book 7 (Marriage Lynx). We gain characters and lose characters. There are parts that will make you laugh and maybe make you cry. There are some things that will seem more fiction than reality (some of these things really do exist). But in the end, you'll be glad that you took the time to read the entire series. Hopefully, you will want to read some or all of the other series that Quinn has written. I considered it time and money well spent.

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Her happily ever after is so close…and somehow still out of her grasp…

Lexi “Lynx” Sabado is no stranger to stressful situations. She can handle the fact that the CIA won’t let her divorce her previously presumed dead husband. She can even figure out a way to legally marry ex-NAVY SEAL Striker Rheas, the love of her life.

But when an old friend shows up at a very inopportune moment and asks Striker and Lexi for help, she wonders how much more she can take. The Pentagon is relying on her to stop a world-changing crisis.

Oh, and at some point, she’ll also have to figure out why Striker’s niece is having psychic visions of Iniquus' intelligence data.

But surely, when all that is done, she’ll be able to settle into a comfortable married life with Striker…right?

All Iniquus World books are written as standalones, except for the LYNX SERIES. You will best understand Marriage Lynx as part of a whole.


I look forward to seeing you at the wedding!   

Fiona Quinn

Hide and Seek

AI  STATEMENT:  Fiona Quinn relies on her imagination and experiences to write her stories. She pays for professional services by humans who use their education and unique creativity to help her bring quality works to this platform, including editors, artists, and audio narrators.


Fiona Quinn uses AI as part of her word processing software (spellcheck, for example) and does NOT use AI to create her stories.

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