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He has a guardian’s instinct and a hero’s heart. Will it be enough to protect the woman he loves? 


Newly retired from an elite Australian Commando unit, Basil St. John, code-named Halo, is moving to Washington, D.C., with his K9 Max. In his new job, Halo will spearhead the development of Team Charlie for Iniquus's famed Cerberus Tactical K9 unit. Learning the ropes with Panther Force, Halo focuses on navigating the dangers he and Max face in their new roles.  


Things turn dire as the team tries to save a family. When a stranger races into the fray, Halo is blown away by her determination and courage. But with no way to find her again, she is all Halo can think about.  


Celebrating her fortieth birthday, Mary is at a turning point in her life. With her divorce final and her kids off to college for the first time, Mary has the space and time to figure out who she is.  In this second act, she is offered the name of a single location on a single day with the promise that if she shows up, her life will change forever. For the better? For the worse? She has no idea. Are things so uncomfortable for her now that she’s willing to take a chance and find out? 


When Mary’s mid-life reset and Halo's work forces them into a series of life-or-death situations, together they are fighting for survival. But is this guy, with his sexy Australian accent,  just a brush-past, or is he supposed to be something more? Could they even make it to happily ever after? 


Guardian’s Instinct, book 1 in the Cerberus Tactical K9 Team Charlie series, is an action adventure romantic suspense that can be read as a standalone and does include a guaranteed HEA. Grab your copy today and get ready for a rollercoaster ride.  

Hide and Seek

AI  STATEMENT:  Fiona Quinn relies on her imagination and experiences to write her stories. She pays for professional services by humans who use their education and unique creativity to help her bring quality works to this platform, including editors, artists, and audio narrators.


Fiona Quinn uses AI as part of her word processing software (spellcheck, for example) and does NOT use AI to create her stories.

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