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"Quinn is dedicated to delivering quality fiction with just enough of the real world that it makes you think it

could very well be happening.  Timely and topical, her plotlines seem to burst from the day's headlines and

leave you holding your breath till the next shoe drops."    VINE VOICE


Team Bravo
Sometimes romance needs a second chance.

 Best Seller
Women's Action Fiction

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Pre-order -
Summer 2023

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He has the instincts of a hero.


Whether he can be her hero again remains to be seen… 


Ex-SEAL Asher Gideon’s work at Cerberus Tactical with his K9 partner, Hoover, keeps him busy and content. He didn’t even know his life was missing anything until he saw her again. Now, he has to fight to get through the mission without losing focus and ruining everything…or getting them both killed.

CIA officer McKayla Pickard never thought she’d see Asher again. At one time, she’d been sure he was the love of her life. But with a dangerous mission ahead, she’ll have to decide if a second chance at happily ever after is worth the potential devastating—and deadly—fallout.

Her mission is simple. Find the pressure points amongst the Russian elite to develop CIA assets.


His is even simpler. Keep her safe. But all it takes is an unexpected explosion to raise the stakes to an uncomfortable height.


To survive with their heads (and hearts) intact, they’ll have to rely on the one thing they thought they’d lost long ago. Each other…

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AI  STATEMENT:  Fiona Quinn relies on her imagination and experiences to write her stories. She pays for professional services by humans who use their education and unique creativity to help her bring quality works to this platform, including editors, artists, and audio narrators.


Fiona Quinn uses AI as part of her word processing software (spellcheck, for example) and does NOT use AI to create her stories.

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